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I serve on The Orff Echo editorial board, the quarterly peer-reviewed journal of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association and frequently publish my own articles on music education, the arts, Orff Schulwerk, and Responsive Classroom. I also was a Key Content Contributor to the essential book for specials teachers, Responsive Classroom for Music, Art, PE and Other Special AreasCheck out my articles below!

My articles:
The Orff Echo, Spring 2014: Complementary Approaches: Responsive Classroom and Orff Schulwerk
AOSA Reverberations, Spring 2015: 5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Responsive Classroom into Your Classroom

Kentucky Music Educators Association Bluegrass Music News, Summer 2019: Settings Students for Success: Incorporating Responsive Classroom into the Elementary Music Room

The Equity Line, a blog by The Education Trust, August 2016: What Students Have to Gain From the Arts
The Equity Line, a blog by The Education Trust, August 2016: Letting Students Take the Lead
Beginning of the Year Article on this website, September 2016: Responsive Classroom in the Music Room: A Beginning of the Year Primer
Innovate My School, May 2017: Bringing the Whole School to Life with Music
Teaching with Orff, November 2019: Apples Video Lesson
Teaching with Orff, September 2018: Bringing Yoga to Our Students

Check out a podcast that I’m featured on: The Domestic Musician’s Podcast as we talk about movement and Responsive Classroom: In the Music Room with Matthew Stensrud