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I have been honored to share my expertise in Orff Schulwerk through videos, lesson plans, in-person trainings, Instagram and Facebook posts, and more. I also create weekly written lesson plans and exclusive process-based and play-driven Orff video lessons on my Patreon page for the Mr. S Orff Family.

As teachers, we are constantly on the run and every moment counts. I want to make your teaching not just easier, but explorative, energized, and student-centered.

For as little as a cup of coffee a month, you can take this step. If you do, you’ll be welcomed into a community of elementary music educators excited to work together and learn more about Orff Schulwerk. We’ll dive into deep learning through webinars, Zoom discussions, book studies, and more. I hope you’ll consider joining us!

Here’s a sample written lesson plan for 3rd grade!

I post lessons and more specifically made for elementary general music students from preschool through 5th grade, from folk dance to creative movement and from singing to playing instruments and from rhythmic notation to listening skills. And, of course, you can cancel your monthly Patreon subscription at anytime.

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