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Hello Orff Family Friends! And welcome to my community of fellow music educators. Here, you can find lesson videos, get exclusive access to lesson plans and other materials by becoming a patron, or learn more about the workshops and clinics I offer. From process teaching to playful exploration, these videos, lessons, webinars, and more are here to help you grow as Orff educators and elementary music teachers. And don't forget to sign up for my newsletter!

Black Lives Matter. I strongly condemn the systemic racism and institutional violence that has plagued our society and, in particular, the Black community. I stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and advocate for greater justice and equity for all.

Through my Patreon page, I donate 20% of all proceeds to organizations such as Decolonizing the Music Room, VH1 Save the Music, the American Orff Schulwerk Association, and through scholarships to teachers for professional development and resources.

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Matthew has a spirit of joy and playfulness that is contagious. The sequence of his workshop, anchored in the spirit of the Schulwerk strengthened with the tenants of Responsive Classroom, gave teachers many delightful strategies that can be easily implemented to offer our students new ways to learn and grow with creativity. His approach demonstrates respect and dignity for the unique needs of children through play, exploration, and kindness. He offered many opportunities for teachers to learn from our colleagues with integrated moments to share and collaborate.
Dr. Lynda Laird
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